Saturday, June 21, 2008

Central Park Restaurant

But not in NYC. Last Sunday morning we took dad out to celebrate Father's Day. We found a fun new (well it is fairly new, but since none of us had ever been there it was brand new to us!) restaurant to try. While small, it was very charming and the food was delicious! Mom raved for several days afterward about the wonderfully crisp Belgian waffle and dad, who swore he wouldn't be able to finish his breakfast, ate all but two small bites. It was a fun find and we'll definitely go back.

We're having a heat wave....

but the tropics have nothing to do with it! It began heating up this past Monday and by Friday, temperatures were well into the 100's -- several local towns were suffering through 118 degree heat!! Even today has been uncomfortably hot. We went to mom and dad's to go for a swim, but it was so hot outside, we opted to just stay inside the air conditioned house.

The heat is supposed to break by Tuesday -- at which point it will only be in the 90's. And summer has just begun!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let's Go! Batter Up!

Last night we were treated to a great evening: fabulous tickets for the Dodger game. It was sort of a last minute 'what are you guys doing Tuesday night?' kind of thing...and boy, are we ever glad we didn't already have plans!

The tickets were first base field level VIP box seats. It included entry to the First Baseline Box Club - which means food, and lots of it. Tuesday night they were serving Mexican food (yum!) - tacos, taquitos, rice, beans - and a huge assortment of delicious salads. There were, of course, Dodger dogs too, and peanuts and ice cream and soda. The only thing it didn't include was alcohol. But hey, we still had a beer...rootbeer that is =)

MK - we had a blast! Thanks for generously sharing your good fortune with us. You ROCK! And Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yard Sale-ing Saturday

Yesterday on my way to the grocery store, I passed a few signs advertising yard sales. It was such a beautiful day, there seemed to be many, many yard sales, but I decided to stop at only two. Wow. I somehow picked wisely...I found several WONDERFUL goodies at rock bottom prices!

I found a beautiful silver pitcher. I picked it up and was surprised by it's weight -- I knew it was good silver. I set it back down and looked at the other items on the table (some wonderful things, I might add!), afraid to ask the price of the pitcher. Finally, when I could no longer resist, I asked in my best nonchalant voice 'what is the price of the pitcher?' I was stunned when she held up five fingers and said 'Five dollars'. I thought sure she was going to say fifty dollars, but really was just five dollars. I'll take it! I brought it home and this morning, polished it up. It's beautiful! Quite the bargain I think!

At the same yard sale, I found an adorable birdhouse that I thought would be perfect in the large window of the garden room. Again, it was only five dollars!

I stopped at another yard sale just sure that I'd already found all the bargains to be had for the day. Nope. Last weekend I was looking at some adorable folding trays on eBay. I considered placing a bid, but chose not to do so. I'm so glad I didn't! I found the sweetest folding tray at the yard sale! It was made in England and was in perfect condition. In fact, it hadn't even been used - the tag was still on it and she had the box it came in. It was marked ten dollars, but when I asked her if she'd take less, she lowered the price to just $8.00. Certainly an irresistible price as far as I was concerned!

All in all, it was a great yard sale Saturday!