Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm in the mood for...


Today one of our parents was going to bring in cupcakes for an after-school event, but at the last minute, changed her mind. Well darn it, I could almost taste those chocolate cupcakes! I had my coffee all ready to go with it. So when we got home, before starting dinner, I made just a half batch. Kevin and I each enjoyed one for dessert with a glass of cold milk. YUM!


This past Saturday was girl's day at Deb's house. We decided to go thrift shop hopping -- and I'm so glad we did! I found some wonderful treasures, and we had quite the adventure. I found an adorable dark cherry wood table that stands about 1 1/2 feet tall. It will make the perfect plant stand. I also found a beaded lampshade that is brand new, and a lamp with a wonderful shape ('I know you can make it look nice.' -- thanks, Deb!). But the most wonderful find of the day had to be the two matching cabinets I found at the Goodwill. Someone was just in the process of dropping them off for donation...and I ran right in and bought them! Two beautiful cabinets for the low price of just $160.00 for the pair. But wait, there's MORE. As it happened, all furniture was half off on Saturday, so I got the set for just $80.00!! I love thrifting!

My mother in law (hi Vicky!) was kind enough to volunteer to house the cabinets in her home until we find a new home and move these treasures with us. What do you think? Pretty nice, huh?

The real adventure came AFTER the guy at the Goodwill got them loaded into the van. Driving back to Deb's house over a steep grade, with the van door just bungee corded over the cabinets. YIKES! But we made it.

Oh, and here's Deb modeling the latest in hatwear for spring. Silly girl!