Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Does every Polaroid picture look like Christmas morning when you were a child?

Straightening out some drawers over the summer, I found a Polaroid camera and several boxes of unused film.  I couldn't tell if the camera still had film in it or not, so I clicked the button and, lo and behold, a photo popped out.

It was Kevin, sitting on the floor inspecting something he'd just received in the mail that day for his drum kit.  I'm not sure whether it was the look on his face, or the ubiquitous quasi sepia toned graininess of the picture, but he looked like a little boy on Christmas morning opening his gifts from Santa.

We had a good giggle over it and then wondered to each other if every single Polaroid picture in the world has the same resemblance: Christmas morning, circa 1970's.

Photos have changed a lot over the last 30 - 40 years, that's for certain.  And pretty much, Polaroids have come and gone.  Still.  There is something utterly charming about capturing a goofy pose and silly grin - and having the results to share instantly.  Somehow taking a selfie and sharing it on Facebook just doesn't have the same thrill.

Just sayin'

Friday, September 13, 2013

Reading Between the Lines

For about the last six years or so, the women on our staff have had a group WOFA.  It stands for  Women of First Avenue.  We mostly get together over the summer while we're off, but we get together during the school year sometimes too.  We've done all sorts of different things: mani/pedi's, movies, tea, craft projects - you get the idea.

Just before school started this year, one of our teachers - a woman - sent a message to everyone about getting together before the school year started.  She sent the message out to everyone on staff, but when one of our WOFA members saw the email, she assumed it was going to be a WOFA event; she didn't realize the message had been sent to everyone.

With that in mind, her response was perfectly normal ... for a WOFA event, but not so fitting for the whole staff.  Not that it was inappropriate by any means, it's just that, well, it wasn't really applicable to the men on the staff.  And if you knew our staff, you'd know that this incited some riotous emails sent to the whole staff.  Most of us have been with each other for a very long time and know each other very well - kind of like one big family.  You know, that kind of family (insert mischievous grin here).

Subject:  Long Time, No See

SR: (Female)   Hello everyone!  How about a pre-school, end of summer gathering this Thursday August 22nd around 4:30-ish?  Any suggestions for a good place in Arcadia/Monrovia?

MM: (Female)   I'm in!  Just a thought - there is a pedicure/manicure place in Pasadena called Dashing Divas.  On Thursdays and Fridays they serve complimentary cosmos!  They are super clean, everything is sterilized and they have a healthy outlook on things.  Very cute, relaxing, with a leg massage, and we could all start school with attractive feet!  A basic pedicure is $25.00, a manicure is $20.00.  I'm open to anything!

DP: (Male)   Let the comedy begin in 3...2...1...      Missed you guys!

JR: (Male)   Can't remember if it was Michael or Mark who suggested that place.

MG: (Male referred to in JR comment above)   I don't care who suggested it.  Just hand me a Pale Ale and I'm in!

Welcome back everyone!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Finally Back!!

Someone came into the office the other day and announced that, my all-time favorite, pumpkin spice latte has returned to Starbucks for it's annual fall run.  YAY!

She said 'It just seems too early,' and at that point, I had to agree with her.  That was last week when our temperatures were into the triple digits with nearly triple digit humidity to match (Speaking of which: when did we move back east? Man, I hate humidity!).

Our temperatures have dropped this week and, this morning on our early walk, it was actually pretty cool outside!  So cool, in fact, that I wished I'd worn a sweatshirt.  And then it hit me:  I'm going to stop and pick up my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!

Mmmmmmmm.  I have to say that it's just as delicious as I remembered, and it was such a treat.  I was talking to Deb on the way to work and asked me what the occasion was.  I told her I didn't need one - I was getting it just because I wanted to!  She smartly replied "Well, then I'm going home ... just because I want to!"  Well fine.  Go ahead.  But you won't have any money for pumpkin spice lattes, so neenerneenerneener!

...and counting

In 2005, Kevin and I heard a story about the Green Bay Packers.  The story was about how loyal the fans are and that the team is community owned.  Literally.  The Green Bay, Wisconsin community owns their own team.  Kinda cool!  At some point during the story, they mentioned that season tickets are sold out for years and years, but you can put your name on a waiting list.  Each year they'll send you a post card to update you with your priority number for being able to purchase season tickets.

Well, now ... that was just an opportunity that was too good to pass up!

We sent our names in - and then forgot about it.  Late summer the following year, a post card found it's way into our mailbox:  our 2006 waiting list priority number arrived safe and sound!  At that time, we were number 67,856 on the waiting list.  Whoa Nellie!  That's a pretty high number!  Guess we'll have to wait until next year.

By the next year, 2007, we'd moved up!! 66,980.  Wheeee!  Now we're cookin'!

We've been receiving a post card each year, in spite of two moves, to update us on our 'low-on-the-totem-pole' priority number.  A couple of weeks ago, our 2013 post card arrived:  we are now in the 'almost-there-yeah-right' position of number 58,520 on the priority waiting list.

Gee.  If I think about it reaallly hard, I can almost feel the snow falling now!

...well, maybe not.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tony Bennett on the Eve of His 87th Birthday

This is the first year in many that we've had so few nights at the Hollywood Bowl.  Few though they've been, the performances have been wonderful!

In August, we caught the legendary Tony Bennett in concert.  Amazing!  He performed on a Friday night and the next day was his 87th birthday.  How cool is that?!  Often you find that an older performer has a voice that's not what it used to be, but this was not the case for Mr. Bennett - he was fantastic!  Even managed to do a little soft-shoe here and there.  Both Kevin and I were thrilled that he was at the Bowl this year.  We've both said for a long time that we'd love to see him in concert, so this offered the perfect opportunity.
Photo OC Register

This past Friday night, we saw The Blue Man Group.  Who would have thought that three guys with blue faces and black clothing who do not utter a single syllable could be so awesome!  The show was  chock full of incredible music and musicians, humor, talent and a ton of fun!  
                                                                       Photo LA Times

This weekend:  Earth, Wind and Fire.

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 06, 2013


Alas another school year has begun.  Actually, school started for us on August 28th, but who is counting?  Oh.  Wait.  WE were counting.  During lunch on our first day, our AP radioed me in the office:  

   AP:  "Randa, do you copy?"

   Me:  "Go ahead."

   AP:  "How many more days of school left?"

   Me:  "One hundred seventy nine ... and a half."

Let the good times roll.