Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guest Bedroom

Okay - I know it's crazy, but...

I've already decorated the guest bedroom of our new house. Yep, that's right - the house we don't even own yet! Well, at least in my mind I have. And I've collected a few things - paint chips for the wall color, a few accessories (hey, they were on sale!), and the sweetest little writing desk you've ever seen (thrifted, of course, so a wonderful price!). When I first thought about the room, I envisioned it as very cozy (read: small), and both very comfortable and functional. And I think that's exactly how it will turn out. The colors will be a pale blue and chocolate - with creamy accents. I've collected a few of the 'Cottage Collection' accessories (see photo) and I even found a pair of thrifted valances that are the perfect color! ...now all we need is the house!

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