Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let's Go! Batter Up!

Last night we were treated to a great evening: fabulous tickets for the Dodger game. It was sort of a last minute 'what are you guys doing Tuesday night?' kind of thing...and boy, are we ever glad we didn't already have plans!

The tickets were first base field level VIP box seats. It included entry to the First Baseline Box Club - which means food, and lots of it. Tuesday night they were serving Mexican food (yum!) - tacos, taquitos, rice, beans - and a huge assortment of delicious salads. There were, of course, Dodger dogs too, and peanuts and ice cream and soda. The only thing it didn't include was alcohol. But hey, we still had a beer...rootbeer that is =)

MK - we had a blast! Thanks for generously sharing your good fortune with us. You ROCK! And Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting you!

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