Sunday, July 06, 2008


A few months ago a friend of mine brought me a plumeria plant. Kevin and I fell in love with these when we were in Hawaii a few years ago. We even purchased one to bring home with us. Well, it didn't fare so well and it finally died a short time after we got home. Since then, I've read that plumeria can be somewhat fussy. They don't bloom every year, either. It all depends on what strikes their fancy.

Anyway, I jumped at the offer when my friend asked me if I wanted a plumeria! Of course I do!! He brought it in to work and it looked very healthy. Multiple branches and lots of green leaves. I admit, I was a bit nervous when all of the leaves fell off about two weeks after I brought it home. I thought for sure I'd killed yet another plumeria plant. But alas, it lived! And, I must admit - it's thriving (though I really can't take credit for it since all I've really done is water it!). One of the stems has multiple buds on it just ready to explode. The first one bloomed the other night. In addition to it smelling heavenly, it's also very beautiful. A creamy white with a lovely yellow center. Here's a photo -- I sure wish you could smell it! It would be an instant vacation in Maui =)


Jackie said...

What beauty. I love the flower but have no luck at all in growing them. They die at my house, so I will stick to all green plants and cacti.

God bless.

Debbie said...

I can almost smell it too! Just the idea helps me to travel back to HAWAII!!:)