Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dining Alfresco

Slippers has been loving our new home! So often you hear about pets having a difficult time adjusting when there's a move, but she's really settled right in and is loving her new neighborhood. Of course, it probably helped that while we were painting for the two weeks before we moved in, we brought her with us. She had the chance to sniff and explore so that when we actually moved in, she really felt right at home.

How comfortable is she? She's been enjoying her dessert alfresco. Last night and tonight we gave her a bit of ice cream in a small tupperware container; we do this often, so it's nothing new to her. She typically will grab the lip of the container with her teeth and go lay down in a comfy spot to enjoy her treat. Her latest 'comfy' spot is the grass in the front yard.

Yep, definitely Queen of her hill.

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