Sunday, September 18, 2011


My poor Kevin had a tooth extracted last Friday. Poor guy - he was miserable!

Over the summer we'd both gone in for a simple cleaning. Mine went fine; Kevin's however, was a different story. While cleaning, the hygienist mentioned that she thought one of his teeth felt 'a little weird', so she took an xray. Sure enough, there was a problem. He had something called 'resorption' which had not been there on the previous xray. Resorption rots a tooth from the inside out and affects the bone, so it has to be dealt with fairly quickly. It was recommended that Kevin have an implant done, so this past Friday was the first step in that direction.

The extraction 'should' have been easy ... but it wasn't. Unfortunately, when they took ahold of the tooth to remove it, it was so brittle that it broke off at the gum line. Not good. The end result was that they had to cut into Kevin's gum, lift that section up, insert an instrument and push the root of the tooth out. OUCH! Poor guy. He took it like a trooper, but was absolutely miserable for a couple of days.

Oh, and the black eye left behind, not to mention the swollen face and extremely painful mouth - well let's just say they made for a very unpleasant start of the week =(

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