Friday, January 27, 2012

Latest Obsession

I've always loved Yardley soaps. I know, I know - they are considered 'cheap' soaps by some, but I love them! They cleanse your skin without stripping it, and they always smell so fresh and clean; like laundry on the clothesline.

Until now, Oatmeal Almond has been my #1 fave scent, but just after Thanksgiving, I discovered Winter Spice. Mmmmmmmm. I wish this blog had 'smellivision',but alas, it does not! The scent is warm and a bit spicy without being overly 'baked goods-ish'. It's a scent that can be used year-round, and definitely will be!

Initially, I bought two bars of the soap. It's hard milled so it lasts a long time (which is great - can you believe how expensive bath soap has gotten?! These little babies are a bargain at just $1.00 a bar) I opened the second box the other night and put it in the shower. Kevin commented that he really liked the soap, too, and I decided to high tail it back over to Big Lots to stock up before it goes away (it's a limited edition scent - seasonal for the holidays). Whew - glad I did! They had just 12 bars left and I bought every one. Hopefully it will last us through the year until it makes is re-appearance around Thanksgiving.

Hmmm...just in case, maybe I should check out a few more Big Lots!

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