Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Breakfast

Normally I'm a make-from-scratch kinda girl, but with the craziness of packing, painting and moving, I'm really loving a little extra help in the kitchen!

This macadamia nut pancake and waffle mix is absolutely delicious. I was able to buy it at Ralph's for a while, but they are no longer carrying it. Somehow I don't think it fits in with their new "lower prices" theme. It is a bit of a high-end 'extra' but, in my book, is well worth a little extra cost for something so yummy!

More later on the packing-painting-moving bit. While it is currently monopolizing any free time we have, things will be calming down - at least somewhat! - in the very near future. Moving day: Monday, July 2nd.

Let the countdown begin!!

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