Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Honey, let's paint the kitchen..."

"Honey," he said, "let's paint the kitchen." Ugh. Yes, I'd love for it to be painted, I thought -- but the mess! "Now is the perfect time," he continued cautiously, "I have the free time and it could really use it." I know, I know...but the mess! "How about if we just take a look at some paint colors?" Well, that's the kiss of death. Which, of course, he knew all too well. "It won't take that long, and it will be done for our Christmast caroling party! Besides, I can do all the work, and you can decorate." Now, that's a low blow...you KNOW I love to decorate! Okay, okay - you win...but the mess! Ahhh yes, but RESULTS!!



Well, when you're right, you're right. It was definitely in need. Honey, you did a wonderful job, and I'm so grateful. How grateful? I didn't mind the mess! Well, not too much. And I had fun decorating!

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Jackie said...

Wow, love the look of your "new" kitchen. You both did a wonderful job.