Friday, December 07, 2007

Birthday and Christmas Parade

Yesterday was my birthday. Kevin asked what I'd like to do to celebrate and I said that I wanted to go to our little town's Christmas parade. He made reservations at a nice restaurant in town known for it's fabulous food. A table by the front window, please! It was wonderful. The short walk in to town was a bit chilly, with a heavy rain storm predicted for later in the evening, but we were nice and toasty all bundled up. The food was delicious, the company delightful and the parade charming. Parade participants ran the gamut from cub scout and brownie troops, to school bands, to tractors and vintage cars. I love our little town! I can't think of a more lovely place to live. Or a more wonderful man to share my life with. Thank you, Kevin, for making my birthday so special.

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Jackie said...

I enjoyed the pictures of your town. Kevin was so thoughtful to get you exactly what you asked for for your birthday.

My hubby loves the old truck. He is an old vehicle lover.