Monday, January 21, 2008

Off to a good start

Well, we're a little more than three weeks in to January - a little less than three weeks after we found out the landlord is going to sell our house - and so far, we're doing quite well! We've set a goal of how much money we'd like to have saved by the end of this calendar year to put towards our house. We are thinking that we will start looking for a house around March or April of 2009, so we'll have several months next year to save for this goal as well. As it stands, we have so far accumulated 6.8% of our goal!

Additionally, we've been educating ourselves about buying a home. We're finding information at every turn - the business section of the newspaper, our credit union, real estate magazines, online articles. Every time we turn around we find another piece of interesting and useful information. We have a lot to learn before we make our purchase -- thankfully, we've got the time to learn. Everything we read indicates that the housing market will fall even more this year and well in to next year. That's a benefit to us.

Patience is the hard part.

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Jackie said...

I am glad that things are going well for you. Keep up the research and I am sure that everything will work out.