Saturday, February 07, 2009


This never happens to me. I'm never able to find boots, or shoes for that matter, at a thrift store. Well I have news: good things come to those who wait! Today while I was checking out a Goodwill store I'd never been to, I found THE most perfect pair of black (!!) Bandolino stacked heel stretch boots. And they were brand new! I didn't want to get too excited at first. I mean, maybe they'd fit, maybe not. Maybe they'd be comfortable, maybe not. So I tried them. I nearly fell over (literally, actually, since there was no place to sit) -- they fit perfectly! And they were comfortable!!! ...and I bought them. How much, you ask, for these perfect gem boots that I will wear again and again and practically live in? A cool $14.00, thank you very much!!

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