Saturday, February 07, 2009

On the move

No, Kevin and I aren't moving. But our offices at FA are. Or did - last night. I suppose I should be grateful. After all, I didn't really have to do any of the moving. I did, however, have to do a great deal of packing and, honestly, I think I would rather someone else have packed and I would gladly have moved the furniture!

For the better part of two weeks, Jeff, Rod, Linda and myself packed up the main office, Jeff's and Rod's offices, supply closet/student store, mail room, copy room and faculty lounge. Kevin and Nancy packed up their offices (how did they get off so cheaply?!), and last night the movers came in and did the actual moving. I'm afraid to wait until Tuesday morning when school resumes (Monday is a holiday) to see the results, so Kevin and I are going to sneak in and take a peak either tomorrow or Monday.

Here are some snaps of how things looked 'during':

Tuesday, they begin demolition of the old office area, lounge, a classroom, the restrooms and supply area. If all goes according to plan, they'll be finished in about 6 months...just in time to move in and start the new school year!

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