Friday, May 08, 2009

Don't Play With Your Food!

So ... it's blistering hot outside, it's Friday night and, having had a very busy week Kevin and I are both juuuust a wee bit punchy.

We sit down to dinner, sharing a cool and refreshing Chinese chicken salad. YUM! Just as I pick up a piece of chicken and start to take a bite, it hits me ... this piece of chicken is staring back at me! I said to Kevin 'look at this piece of chicken!' and we both began laughing hysterically. Kevin runs in to get the camera and, well, see for yourself: I swear, we did not engineer this craziness - it just happened. I told Kevin we should sell it on eBay, but, nah, the chicken was too yummy to pass up.

I don't know. Maybe it's the heat, or the fact that we're tired or ... maybe just because we're a bit off center, but every time we look at this photo, we crack up. (Oh yeah, ask Kevin to imitate this face for you the next time you see him; he does a great job! Go ahead, ask me how I know...)

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