Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Sprucing We Will Go

WOW! What an incredibly busy, busy weekend we had! It flew by so quickly it's hard to believe we had an extra day tucked in there. However, we were so, so busy that I think we're actually glad that it finally came to an end. We can go back to work and just, well, work - not WORK!

Remember that list I told you about? We've been able to work our way through about one third of the items on the list. WHEW! If we could have done so literally, I'm sure you'd have seen smoke coming from both of us! Here are a few samples of some things we accomlished over the nice long holiday weekend.

I found these fun wall clings out shopping one day. I thought they'd add a fun touch to our home. They're fairly easy to apply - though the first one was a bit of a bugger. Here's the dining room's "before" version:
And the "after" version:
And a sweet one for the bedroom. I hope you and your spouse live by this practice as well...
A beautiful new rug for under the dining room table. I just love the colors! They're perfect for our home!
My new "craft desk" in the garden room. Isn't it adorable? I found it at my favorite thrift store about 6 months ago. It's been stored away in the cellar until it's new home was ready for it. I found the cute little vintage linen topper on the desk at the Goodwill about a month or so ago. The colors are just perfect for my garden room! I'm going to recover the little stool just as soon as I find some suitable fabric. I'm hoping for something vintage that blends with the topper. Wish me luck!
While I was working in the garden room, I created this new little vignette in the corner. I just love it.
We also did some work out in the garden. Whew! I've been very neglectful of this area and it sure reminded us of that this weekend. I've decided to work on one small area at a time. This weekend we planted two iceberg roses, 4 hydrangeas, 2 impatiens, 4 pots of white alyssum, a culinary herb garden consisting of sweet basil, rosemary, tarragon, lemon thyme, garlic chives, Italian parsley and peppermint. I also re-potted my plumeria, which seems to be thriving in spite of me. See what I mean -- busy, busy bees! We also bought new cushions for the glider, an adorable green goose (again, from my favorite thrift store), and Kevin got a new toy...a new BBQ! It's a nice one - we tested it out over the weekend with hotdogs (for the Dodger game Saturday night) and steaks (for dinner on Sunday with Vicky). It's a wonderful BBQ that we'll enjoy for many years to come. Here are some photos:

And one final picture: Sweet Slippers in her garden. She just loves it when we're all out playing in the dirt.
One third down, two thirds still to go! Wish us luck!

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