Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday we had the opportunity to take a little break from all of the hard work of moving. A friend of Kevin's phoned Saturday night and asked if we were free to go to an Angel's game. Sure!

Did we ever luck out?! We're sooo happy we accepted Gary's offer: the tickets were for a dugout suite! We met earlier picked up our tickets and then continued on to the stadium. We decided to have lunch in the Dugout Club restaurant - not an inexpensive meal by any means ($32.00 per person for the buffet!). When the tab came for the table, Gary picked it up ... for all four of us! Then we headed down to the suite. Amazing! It was large enough to hold a group of about 12 people, and - the best part - it was air conditioned! Not a small amenity considering it was about 100 degrees outside yesterday. The seats were just up the steps from the suite - dugout level, just to the right of home plate. SCORE!

See for yourself: (view from the restaurant where we ate lunch)
(view from our seats)
(Kevin snuck a picture of me watching the game)

We had a wonderful time at the game - what a treat! Thank you, Gary for giving Kevin the tickets and thank you, Kevin, my wonderful husband, for inviting me to be your date. I love you!

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