Monday, March 05, 2012

Tres bon!

In October, I bought a Groupon for a crepe restaurant in Old Town. None of us had ever heard of it before, but it was a pretty good deal: 4 glasses of wine and two appetizers - a $78.00 value for just $30.00. Who could resist? Not me, so I bought one!

With everything going on in our lives, we just hadn't had a chance to set a date. We kept thinking we'd get around to it eventually, but time has passed so quickly we just never got around to it. Until yesterday.

We talked with Bev and Ken on Saturday and set a time to meet at the restaurant yesterday around 6:00. We were surprised to find a darling little European-esque cafe just off the beaten path down a short alley. A couple of tables outside, a couple of tables and a bar inside, and that was about it. It had a certain charm, though, and Edith Piaf singing softly in the background - and really - who could ask for anything more than that?

Being Sunday, there weren't throngs of customers, but with just one waitress working, there was quite a wait. It took over half an hour just to get two glasses of wine. I will say that the wine was excellent, as were the appetizers, dinner and dessert. We left full of good food and good conversation which made for a very satisfying evening for all.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Creme de la Crepe; just make sure you have plenty of time on your hands when you go!

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