Friday, March 02, 2012

The Cow Says: Moo, and the Pig Says: Oink, and the Rooster Says...

More syrup, please!

In January, we were trying to decide what to have to celebrate an office mate's birthday. Jeff suggested a waffle bar, which I sort of poo-poo'd a bit. Why? I don't know really, I guess I thought it sounded like a lot of work (Huh - not nearly as much work as the Grilled Cheese Festival. Hellooooo - what was I thinking?). But have it we did ... and it was a huge hit! One of the things that made it the most fun was the waffle maker itself. Jeff brought in his waffle maker which makes, you guessed it, barn yard animals! There's a cow, a pig, a rooster and a barn. They're a hoot! ... and when the waffles are ready, that's exactly what it does - hoot.

We had so much fun the first time around, that yesterday before we left work, I suggested having 'Barn Yard Waffle Day, the Sequel'. We kind of planned it at the last minute, so with the exception of Jeff, Linda and myself, the waffle bar came as a pleasant surprise to everyone in the office.

Once again, it was a huge hit! I have to admit, though, that I felt a bit guilty. Every time someone walked in, they all sniffed deeply and replied, "Mmmmmm - waffles!" They smelled so good everyone was salivating. Next time maybe we'll make enough for the whole staff.

Oh Lordy - what have we started?

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