Friday, November 16, 2012

Cooking for the Freezer

Last Saturday we had girls day at Deb's. During the week when we talked about it, we kind of hemmed and hawed about what we should do for the day. Shopping? Always a possibility. But no, that costs money. A fall festival? Nope, not much going on that day. The boys baseball game? Yes, but something else first.

We decided that it would be really productive, not to mention beneficial, if we each chose a couple of simple recipes, made biiiiiiig batches of said recipes, and stocked our freezers. YEP! We have a winner!

Deb chose meatloaf and quiche. I chose soup and pasta. We each shopped for groceries ahead of time, met at her house, and began the cook-a-thon.

We mixed and measured and chopped and poured. Stirred and ladled and cooked and cored. Packaged and labeled - no time to be bored! (Sorry for that ... I just got started and couldn't make myself stop ;o) When all was said and done, we each came away with 3 bags of meatloaf, mixed and ready to bake; 2 leek, ham and cheese quiche; two pans of chicken and sundried tomato penne; and a big stock pot full of beef barley soup.

Spending time together, filling the house with a warm, homey aroma, and filling our freezers with 8-10 time saving, delicious dinners. All in all, not too bad a take for about 4 hours worth of work!

Love you, Deb!

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