Sunday, November 04, 2012


...that's what a hamburger's alllll about.
Last year on Halloween, Kevin and I stopped by In'n'Out for dinner before our trick-or-treaters arrived. While we were in line to get our food, the most adorable lil' guy went up to the window with his parents and he was dressed like an I'n'O employee for Halloween. Spectacular! It's the perfect costume: Iconic, easy, and something that all of our kids at school can identify with. Brilliant! When we approached the window, I asked Kevin to ask the guy for two of their paper hats - which he willingly obliged, and our costumes for this year's Halloween celebration were born.

While going through things at the house this past summer, I ran across two large safety pins - a distinctive part of the In'n'Out uniform. A couple of weeks ago, I hit my favorite thrift store and found a red, square table cloth and cut it in half so we could each fashion an apron. Kevin found the I'n'O badge template online and printed them out for us to add that realistic flair. A white shirt and white pants completed our look.

From the moment we got to work, all of our kids at both of our schools loved the costumes! They kept telling us all day that they wanted a double-double, or a 4X4, or they wanted their burger animal style...and don't forget the fries. Lemonade, rootbeer or a shake...quite the dilemma. Our costumes were a major hit.

Sometimes it really IS the simplest things in life that are the best.

...and yes, I do want fries with that - thanks! ;o)

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