Friday, January 18, 2013

Put a Dodge in you Garage

Okay, not really a Dodge.  More like a 4Runner and Fit, but HEY!  They really ARE in our garage!!

One of our goals from our July move-in was to get both cars in a phenomenally messy garage.  Since moving in, the garage has sort of been our 'catch-all' place.  We didn't want it to be that way, but it took a while to get things in some semblance of order.  We made a good effort in late August, but ... well, it was pretty unsustainable.  So much so that we sort of gave up and it, in fact got worse each week instead of better.

However, we made a pact that we would have that darn garage cleaned out and parkable by the time winter break was over and we had to head back to work.

It took some doing - and the better part of two full days - but we FINALLY did it!!  Even once we had everything cleared out, it was a bit questionable as to whether we'd really be able to fit both cars in the garage, but we were determined.  And lucky!  Both fit juuuuuuuust by hair, but hey - that works for us!

(I'll spare you the before picture; trust me, it wasn't pretty!)

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