Monday, March 04, 2013

YeeHaw, Y'all

Years ago I had a really nice pair of black cowboy boots.  They were given to me as a gift, and there was a time in my life when I wore them - A LOT.   Time went on and things changed and I changed right along with them, and sooner or later, I stopped wearing the boots.  I kept them; they had a their own little spot in my closet, but I never wore them.

When Kevin and I moved to the Prospect house, I donated them in our move.  They were still in excellent condition and I figured that somewhere along the way, someone else would buy them and love them the way I once had.

Six or eight months ago, I began looking at boots online.  I found several pairs I liked, but there were two things holding me back:  1) every pair of boots fits and feels different, so it's difficult to purchase them online when you aren't sure, and 2) good ones are prohibitively expensive!

Last week jury duty ended early and I thought I'd do a little shoe shopping.  While I didn't find any shoes, I did find a cute pair of cowboy boots for a great price.  YAHOO!!  They are not 'top of the line' by any stretch of the imagination, but they are just fine for what I had in mind.

For the fall/winter season, they had been priced at $80.00; I bought them on clearance last week for just $30.00!  That's a definite bargain in my book!
Kinda cute, huh?

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