Friday, September 13, 2013

Reading Between the Lines

For about the last six years or so, the women on our staff have had a group WOFA.  It stands for  Women of First Avenue.  We mostly get together over the summer while we're off, but we get together during the school year sometimes too.  We've done all sorts of different things: mani/pedi's, movies, tea, craft projects - you get the idea.

Just before school started this year, one of our teachers - a woman - sent a message to everyone about getting together before the school year started.  She sent the message out to everyone on staff, but when one of our WOFA members saw the email, she assumed it was going to be a WOFA event; she didn't realize the message had been sent to everyone.

With that in mind, her response was perfectly normal ... for a WOFA event, but not so fitting for the whole staff.  Not that it was inappropriate by any means, it's just that, well, it wasn't really applicable to the men on the staff.  And if you knew our staff, you'd know that this incited some riotous emails sent to the whole staff.  Most of us have been with each other for a very long time and know each other very well - kind of like one big family.  You know, that kind of family (insert mischievous grin here).

Subject:  Long Time, No See

SR: (Female)   Hello everyone!  How about a pre-school, end of summer gathering this Thursday August 22nd around 4:30-ish?  Any suggestions for a good place in Arcadia/Monrovia?

MM: (Female)   I'm in!  Just a thought - there is a pedicure/manicure place in Pasadena called Dashing Divas.  On Thursdays and Fridays they serve complimentary cosmos!  They are super clean, everything is sterilized and they have a healthy outlook on things.  Very cute, relaxing, with a leg massage, and we could all start school with attractive feet!  A basic pedicure is $25.00, a manicure is $20.00.  I'm open to anything!

DP: (Male)   Let the comedy begin in 3...2...1...      Missed you guys!

JR: (Male)   Can't remember if it was Michael or Mark who suggested that place.

MG: (Male referred to in JR comment above)   I don't care who suggested it.  Just hand me a Pale Ale and I'm in!

Welcome back everyone!

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