Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tony Bennett on the Eve of His 87th Birthday

This is the first year in many that we've had so few nights at the Hollywood Bowl.  Few though they've been, the performances have been wonderful!

In August, we caught the legendary Tony Bennett in concert.  Amazing!  He performed on a Friday night and the next day was his 87th birthday.  How cool is that?!  Often you find that an older performer has a voice that's not what it used to be, but this was not the case for Mr. Bennett - he was fantastic!  Even managed to do a little soft-shoe here and there.  Both Kevin and I were thrilled that he was at the Bowl this year.  We've both said for a long time that we'd love to see him in concert, so this offered the perfect opportunity.
Photo OC Register

This past Friday night, we saw The Blue Man Group.  Who would have thought that three guys with blue faces and black clothing who do not utter a single syllable could be so awesome!  The show was  chock full of incredible music and musicians, humor, talent and a ton of fun!  
                                                                       Photo LA Times

This weekend:  Earth, Wind and Fire.

Stay tuned!

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