Sunday, November 09, 2008


Today was a perfect fall Sunday afternoon. It rained last night so everything was nice and fresh this morning when we went out for our walk. But it was cold (!) and later turned quite blustery. We lazed around the house this morning just relaxing and reading the paper. This afternoon we decided to go look at a few houses. We're not quite ready to make the move to purchase anything yet, but it's getting closer and there were a few houses that have just recently listed so we thought we'd go take a look. Not bad, but...we're definitely glad we're still waiting! The cutest house was actually in an area that we like, but that particular house is much to close to the freeway and there was way too much noise. Oh well, time is still on our side.

When we got home, I wanted to make something for dessert that matched my fall mood - and also isn't drowning in fat calories. What fits the bill? Gingerbread! I haven't had any for a long time and it sounded wonderful. So there you have it - tonight after dinner, we'll have a nice warm square of gingerbread and a dollop of light whipped cream. Mmmmm...I can hardly wait for dessert!!

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