Saturday, November 01, 2008

Turning 50

Today we celebrated Debbie's 50th birthday. Fifty? How did that happen??
We had a wonderful celebration! Just the family and a party at mom and dad's house and a yummy dinner. Thanks, mom and dad, for hosting ... and cooking! Every thing was delicious.

Mom and I had fun decorating the house before the LaLa's arrived... ...and we all had a great time watching Deb open her gifts.

As some of you may know (mostly because I was looking for help with ideas!), the gift that Kevin and I gave Deb was somewhat out of the ordinary. We figured that, since you only turn 50 once, and because it is a monstrously significant birthday, you really should have fifty ... gifts ... of fifty different things ... in the amount of ... fifty. Right? Yep, that's right: fifty pennies, fifty (Hershey's) kisses, fifty stickers, fifty feathers, fifty fortune cookies, fifty - well, you get the idea...

I'm not sure who enjoyed going through the box of gifts more: Deb, or P and D...
Why is it that, once taken from the box, you can never get anything to go back in quite the same way?
Mom made a photo album filled with of pictures of Deb from the time she was a baby through today. It was a huge hit! I don't think the boys have ever seen any of the older family photographs and they were having a blast looking on with Deb as she explained what was going on in each of the pictures, how old she was, where the photo was taken, etc.

It was a very special day for a very special person. We love you Deb! And hope that the next fifty years are as wonderful as the past fifty have been. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Jackie said...

Wow Randa, you sure know how to throw a party.

God bless.