Monday, June 01, 2009

The LOCALS Gig Again!

This past Saturday night, the LOCALS had another gig at Rick's in Alhambra. They were terrific!! The band has had a few growing pains here and there, but they've held on and have become a stronger band. They ROCKED on Saturday night! There was a crowd of about 100-150 people there enjoying the show at any given time. The guys played for about 4 hours with two short breaks (Whew! That's a pretty major work out for that cute drummer up there!) The crowd loved them. They danced and cheered for every song. Kevin and I would both like to thank our many family and friends who showed up to watch the LOCALS play. We really appreciate and love you guys! (a special shout-out to Karly: I'm so glad you learned how to tie your shoes today! Thanks for sharing your adorable smile and a hug.)

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