Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Before and After Photos

Here are a few more before and after photos of our new home.

Master bathroom before:

Master bathroom after:

Dining room before:

Dining room after:

Garden room before:

Garden room after:

As you can see, we've been busy, busy bees putting our home together. This past Saturday our investment club met at our house. It was the first time a few of our friends had been to our new home. They were surprised to see how 'put together' everything looked. In looking at the pictures, I am too! It doesn't seem possible that we've just been here two short months. It's true -- time flies when you're having fun!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

The before and after pictures are lovely. You have a great talent for decorating Randa. Your home is absolutely gorgeous.

God Bless.