Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tri-tip and Chicken and Ribs, oh my!

Last night we had the pleasure of dining at a new restaurant in Pasadena. Or rather, it will be a new restaurant in Pasadena when they open to the public on Monday. Last night, it was still a bit of a secret. They had a fundraiser last night for cystic fibrosis. The deal was that, with a reservation, diners could feast - for FREE - as long as you left a tip. All tips will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; the restaurant will match all donations.

And feast we did!! Kevin and I invited our friends, Bev and Ken, to join us in our gratis dining adventure. We ordered, and shared, tri-tip, BBQ chicken, baby back ribs, chopped salad, and grilled veggies with feta cheese. We also indulged in a sweet dessert combination - a delicious slice of out-of-this-world carrot cake, and bite-sized brownies. All of it, every bite, was absolutely delicious.

It is my pleasure to recommend that, should you ever be in the area, you dine at the Stonefire Grill. It's a top-notch family-style restaurant with excellent food - and a conscience to match.

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