Monday, December 14, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

It's strange being in a new house at Christmastime. Having been in the other house for 15 years, I'm now faced with having to decide where all of the Christmas decorations should be placed.

I think that's good. In the old house, it was always 'well this has always gone here and that has always gone there', so everything always looks the same. I suppose there is some comfort to that as well, but it's nice to kind of shake things up this year! Plus, it's fun seeing all of our cherished Christmas decorations infusing their new home with love and sparkle.

Also of note - with our new home being a bit smaller, we chose the decorations that are on display even more carefully. What stuck were things that we truly, truly love and look forward to seeing every year. The result is that, as much as I LOVE Christmas and Christmas decoations, we will be donating some of our decorations that we haven't used. Never, though, will I part with my collected Hallmark ornaments! While they might not all make it out every year, I still love, love, LOVE them and will never part with them!

A few pcitures of our Christmassy-ness:

The wonderful realtors who helped us find our new home dropped off THE most beautiful poinsettia I've ever seen! What a wonderful surprise to walk outside the front door and find this gorgeous plant waiting for us! Thanks Rosemary and Crystal - you guys are absolutely the BEST!

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