Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Guess Who Turned 40?!

If you guessed Kevin, you're a winner!!
November 21st is a very special and important day - for several reasons. It's Debbie and Bill's wedding anniversary (happy anniversary you two!) and ... it's Kevin's birthday!

We had a wonderful day, and Kevin had a very happy birthday. We invited just a few friends and family to help us celebrate the special occasion. Though Kevin knew that we were going to have a party in his honor, I still surprised him with a couple of fun things. I'd made posters and put them around the house and outside of things that happened during 1969. I also searched hi and lo for different types of Brach's candy and we had a nostalgic candy bar set up. We ordered BBQ tri-tip, pulled pork and smoked chicken from a local restaurant and friends and family pitched in to help with side dishes. We had balloons and candles, and the band even played! ... for about 45 minutes ... until the police arrived! It was a hoot. The guys didn't even start playing until 7:10 p.m.; then, just before 8:00 p.m. the police arrived and said that one of our neighbors complained about the noise. Ahhh, music lovers indeed! The boys played one more song and called it a night. Of course we can now tease Kevin that 'he got busted on his 40th birthday!' He didn't even mind - he said that makes for a great story that will get - ahem - richer and longer as the years go by.

Happy birthday, honey. I love you VERY much!! Vicky and Joe, thank you for bringing this wonderful man into the world!

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