Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Comes After Thanksgiving??

Peanut brittle, of course!

Friday we had our annual peanut-brittle-making-marathon. What a huge success! Deb was able to join us this year, and since we all wanted to end up with lots of peanut brittle for holiday giving, we came up with a new strategy: make two batches at a time. WHEW! We were boogying all day! Ingredients for pan one: sugar? Check. Karo syrup? Check. Peanuts? Check, check. And on it went.

We kind of lost track, but we think we ended up making eleven batches (ELEVEN batches!) of the sweet, sticky stuff. If you know anything about making candy, you know that's a LOT of peanut brittle!

Oh, and just for good measure, we thought we'd throw a craft in there while we were waiting for the peanut brittle to cook. Now who thought that was a good idea?

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Still have to make my peanut brittle for Christmas. Yours looks pretty good right now.

God bless.