Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hollywood Bowl-ing that is! This past Friday night we - Bev, Ken, Deb, Bill, Pat, Drew, Vicky, Kevin and myself - headed for the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate Independence Day. What fun we had!!

We all contributed goodies for an old fashioned picnic. Our fare included fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon, marinated green beans, fruit salad, buckeye bars, rice krispie treats and, of course, red, white and blueberry cookies. YUM!

Each of us came from different directions and just met at 'our spot' at the Bowl. We enjoyed our delicious picnic and then were treated to the fantastic LA Philharmonic for the first half of the show, and then the amazing Vince Gill for the second half of the show. At the conclusion of the second half, the spectacular Hollywood Bowl fireworks began. SO COOL!! We all had fun ooooohing and aaaaaaahing over the brilliant flashes of fireworks above the HB stage.

During intermission, we met several of our 'neighbors' behind us. We had fun talking with some new folks and sharing our homemade treats. We joked around saying that, since they're in our family picture, we're all family now =)

We all had such a great time. It was Pat and Drew's first Hollywood Bowl adventure, and the first time Vicky had been there for an LA Philharmonic show. I think all were suitably impressed. May I just say, if you ever have the opportunity to attend something - anything - at the Hollywood Bowl, do yourself a favor and GO!! (Dudes, what's up with those expressions?!)


DW said...

Oh, that sounds like fun!

Hi! I'm Randa said...

Thanks, we did have SUCH a good time!