Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy, Busy Summer

This summer is flying by even faster than most. I think that's because both Kevin and I worked (or in my case, am still working) summer school this year. Neither of us have ever done it and we were both offered the opportunity at our respective schools, so we decided to work. I feel so fortunate that we're in a position to not 'need' the money, but I also feel that, with our economy so precarious at the moment, it would be foolish to turn down the opportunity for some extra cash -- even if it is just to pad the bank account.

Kevin's summer school job ended last week and mine ends next week. It hasn't been bad at all. In fact, I could definitely get used to it! Where as my regular job is 7:30 - 4:00, Monday through Friday, summer school hours are 8:00 - 12:00, Monday through Thursday. Which one would you rather work? Yeah, me too!

At any rate, we've been doing little fun things here and there. We're headed to Old Town Temecula soon to go antiquing and wine tasting (cheese tasting, too, because there's a wonderful artisanal cheese maker in the area!), and not long after that, we'll be headed to San Diego for some fun in the sun ... and sand ... and surf ...

In between summer school and fun, we've also been accomplishing many projects around the house. Yard work, deep cleaning, washing and ironing, cooking for the freezer, and I've even tucked in some crafting projects here and there. All in all, it's been a wonderful, albeit busy (!) summer.

School starts early for both of us - Kevin's on August 25th and mine the following day - and fall will be fast approaching. Holy cow, before you know it, it will be Christmas!! (Oh, did I mention I've already done about a third of my Christmas shopping? No? Oh, well ... now I have!)

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