Monday, July 12, 2010

Do You Know These Ladies?

Would you if I said "There's No Crying in Baseball!"

If you don't know them, allow me to introduce you: Lois Youngen, Delores "Dolly" Brumfield, Marge Villa, Gene Travis, Maybelle Blair, Jeanie Descombes, and Pepper Paire. These seven ladies were part of AAGPBL - also known as All American Girls Professional Baseball League. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, do you remember the movie "A League of Their Own"? If so, than you do know who these ladies are!

Yesterday Kevin and I had the opportunity to meet all of these ladies in person! We attended FanFest at Anaheim Convention Center -- all things baseball. They are the nicest women - all with such interesting stories. What an amazing part they played in the history of baseball. Solidarity Sistahs! It did sadden me, though, when one of the ladies mentioned of that they are losing, on average, one of their members per month. Or as she said 'we're all dying off' =( Lucky for us, we got to meet these seven women before ... well, you know. We now have a baseball added to Kevin's collection that all seven of these women signed. What a great addition to the collection!

Thank you, ladies, for all of your many contributions to the game we love.

Here's another pic ... Kevin and I at FanFest. We had such a great time!!How lucky were we? Bob Feller was also there yesterday, signing autographs. Bless his heart - he's 91 and still out there giving to the game he loves. Thank you, Mr. Feller! It was very nice to meet you - and thanks for autographing our baseballs =)


DW said...

Oh .. that sounds wonderful, and lucky Kevin to get that baseball autographed!! Going to the All-Star game?

Hi! I'm Randa said...

No, darn it ... we didn't get to go. Tickets were not only CRAZY expensive, but terribly difficult to come by.

Hi! I'm Randa said...
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