Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whose bright idea was this anyway??


We are exhausted! Why? Because this past week, yours truly had the 'grand' idea to follow the Organized Christmas Grand Plan. It's great!

... but we're pooped. Since we actually started a little late (hard to believe, right?, since we're still how far away from the holidays?), we had a bit of catching up to do. Instead of tackling just one area this weekend, we actually tackled THREE - the front porch/yard, the living room and the entry way. Honestly, it sounded like a good idea when Kevin and I first talked about it. However, this afternoon at 2:30, having just finished the last item on the list, we're kind of re-thinking the 'good idea' bit.

The upside is we're finished with the first three weeks of the plan, and I must admit, things are looking gorgeous! The front porch and front yard look clean, well-groomed and inviting. The entry way sparkles with shimmering family photos on the hutch, a fresh, clean, beautiful beaded runner and new scented candles. The living room shines from top to bottom with sparkling clean floors, windows, well-vacuumed and Febreezed sofa and loveseat cushions, new candles and cinnamon apple scented potpourri.

Is it worth it?! YOU BET!

... but maybe just tackle one area at a time ;o)

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