Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Kevin and I have been enjoying a very lazy weekend. While I was out Friday night, Kevin stayed home and did all of the laundry! THANK YOU, honey!! What a fun treat that was. Saturday morning, we got up late (well, late for us) and just lazed around.

Around mid-morning, we decided to go check out our favorite thrift store. I have a few craft projects that I'm working on and was looking for some specific things and thought I'd see if I could find them there. Linda has often remarked that it's uncanny - whenever I think of a project, I can go to that particular thrift store and find exactly what I need for the project. Guess what? Yesterday was no exception! I was looking for some nice vintage silverware and was thrilled to find that they had just put out a wooden case filled with it! The whole shebang was $25.00 - which at first I thought was a bit steep. However, once I got out my trusty little cal-cu-lator, I discovered that it was really a great price. I can make at least 6-sets of my project (which will become gifts) and still have a few pieces leftover for myself. Not to mention the wooden box everything came in. (I'm sure I can turn that into a project, too. Have any ideas for me?) Sooooo we bought it. Hip, hip, hooray!

Included in the box was a very cool butter knife, and a mother of pearl handled relish fork. SCORE! I knew I'd be keeping those for myself. You would too. Wanna see how cute they are?
Pretty cool, right?! Heck, I almost think those were worth the cost right there!

After we left the thrift store, we had a bite of lunch (Jim's - YUM!), and then headed to our library book store. Just inside the new library to the left, there is a really cool Friends of the Library book store. They've got a huge collection of books for sale, very inexpensive. They also have a FREE basket - YAY! The first thing that caught my eye was a freebie - an old clothbound book of the short stories of John Steinbeck. Pretty cool freebie! They also had a few other books that I'll be using for craft projects. Here's the day's take: All in all, we had the most wonderful day! It was perfect - we got to spend some fun time together, and it was a very casual, relaxed day. What more could you ask from a weekend really?

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