Sunday, February 27, 2011


So Friday night we had a WOFA event (Women of First Avenue). If you guess BINGO, you would be correct! It was so much fun! We've done this a time or two and everyone has such a great time we can hardly wait until the next BINGO night.

It was a bit of a soggy night, but that didn't keep the heartiest of souls away - there were 18 of us, Holly made dinner and we all brought either appetizers, wine or dessert. What a feast! Everyone brings a gift and we draw to see who chooses the first gift. After that, we go in number order until everyone has chosen something. You open your gift and show it to the group; then, when someone wins a round of BINGO, they can steal your gift. Bummer! I brought this cute scarf and a cute pair of pale pink earrings to go with. The gift I chose was a gift bag that had a package of Eiffel tower tissues, a 3-pack of emery boards and a Nordstrom gift card. Not too bad! But I have to say that, honestly, out of all the gifts there, I really liked the gift I brought the best. As luck would have it, when I won a round of BINGO, I stole it from the person who'd opened it! All is fair in love and war, though, because someone stole my Nordie's gift card. No matter, I had a GREAT time, and I was very happy with the 'gift' I brought home =)

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