Monday, May 30, 2011

Pumpkin Update

It's been just about 5 weeks now and the pumpkins and veggies are growing like crazy!

Kevin and I are both very excited by the progress and can hardly wait until mid-summer to reign in some of the veggie harvest. The lettuce is leaf lettuce and will be ready before then; hopefully we'll have enough to make it through the summer - we'll see. There are quite a few flowers on the tomatoes right now. If luck is with us, they'll stay on the vines and turn into lots of delicious tomatoes. As for the pumpkins...I'm hoping we have jack-o-lanterns everywhere come Halloween!
Veggies, looking good!

Look who else has been enjoying the Pumpkin Patch:
Yep, Miss Slippers and Miss Daisy enjoy roaming around the patch watching the pumpkin vines grow. Slippers typically lays behind the patch while Daisy, being a cat, pretty much enjoys it from wherever she wants to =)

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