Monday, May 16, 2011

Zac Brown Band at the Hollywood Bowl


Saturday night we had the extreme pleasure of attending the Zac Brown Band at the Hollywood Bowl. If you've seen them - you know; if you haven't they defy explanation. I was a bit concerned because, though I'm a huge fan, Kevin has only heard two songs - maybe one time for each song. My concerns were laid to rest after the very first song -- Kevin loved them!

These guys are all amazing performers. Kevin said that 'Zac Brown was the worst musician on stage ... and he is great!' What does that tell you about the other guys? The fiddle player - holy cow - AMAZING!

On the way home we 'deconstructed' the concert and both agreed; you know how sometimes you say that a band is better on the record (or CD, actually) than they are in person? Not these guys - they are FAR BETTER in person than they are on the record. Honestly, I can't praise them enough. They were amazing. The musicianship of this band is phenomenal, their harmonies will blow you away, and their lyrics are killer. They really paint a picture that you can feel.

Guess you can tell that we enjoyed the concert, eh? Here are a few photos (photos Orange County Register):

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