Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Red Sox Win the Pennant!!

Okay, well maybe not the pennant, but definitely the Championship!

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of going out to TO to watch Pat and Drew play their final Championship game. Their team, the Red Sox (sorry about that, Pat ;o), was undefeated and this final game was double elimination, meaning that if they lost the game, there would be a second game.

So ... what do you think happened? Second game? Or no second game? If you guessed second game, you'd be a big winner - just ask my poor sunburned shins and feetsies. (Let me just say this about that: wear sunscreen. Even if you think it's cloudy. Go ahead, ask me how I know.)BUT ... it was totally worth it! Both Pat and Drew got and awesome hit! And Pat had the perfect catch out in left. It was so thrilling to watch. We enjoyed the heck out of it. Deb is the team scorekeeper and Bill walked from one side to the other taking pictures of the boys. AND, the best part of all - Auntie Nan and Grandpa Bill from Seattle flew in for the game. Die hard fans, no? ;o)

Check out these handsome ball players: Pat - Go Big 3!

Drew - Go 4-2!

Proud mama and papa:The Seattle Lala's:The Champs and their trophies:Congrats P&D - we're so very proud of you!

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