Sunday, September 16, 2012

End of Summer BBQ

A couple of weeks ago our little neighborhood held an impromptu end of summer BBQ. Because there are lots of little ones, their parents got together and decided to rent something fun for the day. And boy was it ever fun!

At first we thought they were renting a jump house, but because it was so hot, they went with something a bit, um, cooler. A water slide! The kids - and adults - had a blast.

The BBQ started about noon or so, and we finally pulled the plug about 8:30. The kids stopped playing on the slide around 7:00 because the sun was just starting to go down and it got a little cool to be in the water. To warm things up, we pulled out our fire pit, put it on the front lawn, spread out lots of blankets and provided the provisions to make s'mores.

It was a great way to wind down a busy summer. The BBQ was a casual affair where, because we all live in the 'hood, we came and went as we pleased. Kevin and I came home for a bit to make a potato salad to share for dinner. One of the neighborhood pups went missing for a bit and we all headed out on a hunt for him (he didn't get too far, just a few houses down the street). People left and came back as it suited them. It was great! Here are a few pics of the event.

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