Monday, October 22, 2012

For Peet's Sake

Deb and I are trying to get back into the swing of having our monthly girls' day again. We've done pretty well over the last few months, and I'm so glad - I've missed having them!

Last Saturday we had girls' day here. We started off by attending the Central Library's Second Saturday book sale. Just as it sounds, the second Saturday of every month, there is a book sale on the library patio. I've known about it for several years, but so far, hadn't made it to one of the sales ... until last week.

What a great event! They had thousands of books, many of them were just like new --- I honestly don't even think some of them had ever been read. We scored big time. We both took away a heavy Trader Joe's bag filled with great books for the paltry sum of just $13.00 ($13.50 for Deb, that spendthrift!).

After the library we headed downtown to a "Taste of..." event. You know the kind - the type of thing where a particular area showcases the variety of restaurants it has. You can go to the various booths and get a taste of this for a buck, then another booth for a taste of that, and so on. They also had several other vendors where we collected some fun freebies. We were looking for something to hold all of our goodies when I spied a woman walking around with a reusable grocery bag that was clearly from the event. I asked her where she'd gotten it and she pointed in the general direction, so off we went looking for a free bag to hold all of our other freebies. When we got to the booth, they asked us to complete a brief survey about the area of town we were in; how often do you frequent the area; What method of transportation do you use to get here; etc. We happily completed the survey and were awarded our grocery bag.

A bit later after we'd gathered a few tastes, we found a place to sit and eat our goodies. They had different groups on stage playing various kinds of music throughout the day and we found ourselves not far from the main stage. Shortly after we sat down, the band took a break and a woman took over the microphone stating that they were going to being drawing names for prizes. Deb and I commented to each other that we hadn't been to enough booths to enter any of the drawings, so we figured listening for our names was rather silly. NOT! You had to be present to win, so when they called a name and no one came up, they assumed the person had already left the event and went on to draw another name. After a couple of minutes we were both only half listening to the announcer and were SHOCKED to hear her call my name! Apparently they were pulling winners from the survey we'd completed to get our free grocery bag! I jumped up waving my hand and made my way to the stage where I was awarded a certificate entitling me to a YEARS WORTH OF PEET'S COFFEE!! Now I ask you, how cool is that? I LOVE Peet's coffee, but rarely ever buy it because it's so expensive! The certificate is good for one pound of coffee per month, or half a pound of tea per month, for 12 months. YAY-HOOOO! What a very special treat!

Deb was teasing me saying "Of course you would win, when we heard HER name being announced. She won a gift certificate to a wonderful (can you say Dianne salad?!) local restaurant! We couldn't believe our luck. How funny that both of our names should be chosen in that prize drawing! We enjoyed a couple more 'tastes' before leaving the venue. We figured our luck wouldn't get much better than it had already been ;o)

All in all, a pretty successful girls' day I'd say.

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