Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Space Odyssey

We're very lucky to live in southern California and have access to one of the most incredible machines NASA ever built: the Space Shuttle.

Last winter, the Space Shuttle Endeavour wound its way through the streets of Los Angeles to its new home - the California Science Center.  Currently the shuttle is being housed in a temporary location at the center while its new abode is being built and fussed over.  Since it is so close, we just had to go and check it out for ourselves.


You've seen photos before, so you know that it's really something of a beast, but you really have no idea just how monstrous it is until you're in the same room with it.  It was cool to be able to walk around and check it out in person.  A first hand view of each of the tiles, having their own little designated number.  The enormity of the engines.  It's great height and girth.  The entirety of it is just awesome.

If you happen to be in town, this is something you definitely want to take the time to see.  After all, how many times in your lifetime do you really have to stand up close and personal with a Space Shuttle?  Oh yeah, and ... it's FREE!  Exactly!

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