Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

This year we celebrated Easter at our house.  You kinda just have to - this is the place where we've held all of our Easter egg hunts over the years.  I mean, would it really be an egg hunt if no one looked under the ceramic ducks or gnomes?  And who could forget the floating egg in the pool, or the 'ooops, dropped that in the rain gutter above the office' egg.  Can it really be the spring celebration without these fond memories?  We thought not.

And wouldn't you just know it ... after all the work we'd put in out in the backyard to get things in shape, it was cold and drizzly on Easter!  It had been beautiful all week and then - POOF - overnight the weather changed and we had cool, gray skies.  Thankfully, we did manage to ward off a full on rain storm and we were able to hide and hunt eggs, and even eat a late lunch/early dinner outdoors before we called it too cold to be outside.  

Here's a glimpse of our Easter celebration:

I've included a few photos of our little neighbors enjoying their morning egg hunt, as well as Pat and Drew on the hunt in the afternoon and a few photos of our front yard since most things were in bloom at the time.

Our little next door neighbors were very cute; they shared one egg each with Kevin and I.  They were a true treat indeed as their plastic eggs contained candy - a very rare treat for them!  In return, we gave each of them one of the eggs from our upcoming hunt; the moment I handed it to them, 'O' (the little boy) has a gleam in his eye and a huge grin on his face.  'MONEY!' he said.  I asked him why he thought it had money in it - it hadn't rattled or made any noise at all.  He told me that he 'just knew!'  And he was right! 

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