Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bistro Meal

Mmmm...beef bourginon! Nothing says fall like a big crock-pot of bubbling beef stew! That's what we're having for dinner tonight and I just love how wonderfully 'homey' it makes the house smell. We're trying to be good and cut down on a lot of the fat in our diet, so this dish is kind of a new one ... with reduced fat. I reduced the amount of meat in the dish and used 99% fat free beef broth. There is a touch of butter in there, but only one tablespoon to make the roux - much less than has been used in the past. I even found reduced fat bacon! And, as you can see, there are lots and lots of delicious veggies in there! Oh, and I thought I'd add some sun-dried tomatoes, too. They add a wonderful richness. Tonight's menu: crock-pot beef bourginon, red leaf lettuce salad with tomatoes, persian cucumbers and red peppers, and asiago cheese bread. For dessert: fresh sliced strawberries over chocolate angel food cake and a dollop of light whipped cream. YUM! I can hardly wait for dinner!

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