Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sweeeeeeeeeet Caroline!!!

A few months ago for our anniversary, Kevin bought us tickets for the upcoming Neil Diamond concert at Staples Center. Well, last night was the concert. It was SO much FUN!! Kevin teased me about singing every song, but don't let him fool you...he was singing right along with me! Staples was packed to the gills - a fact that didn't escape Neil who asked to have the lights brought up so that he could see how many people were there. With the exception of a few seats that were blocked off because their would be no stage visibility, the arena was completely sold out.

It was great fun singing along to all of my favorite Neil Diamond songs. Well, me and 18,300 of our closest friends! Kevin commented before we left that we'd probably be the youngest people in the crowd. Again, don't be fooled. Every age group was represented in that large crowd - from grandmas all the way down to young children. And while the grandmas certainly recognized more Neil tunes than the younger crowd, there was definitely something for everyone...including 'I'm a Believer' which the younger crowd no doubt recognized from the movie 'Shrek'. (By the way - Joe, if you're reading this...because he thinks you look so much like Neil Diamond, Kevin said we went to see *you* in concert last night!)

Before heading off to the concert, we stopped first at the Original Pantry Cafe for bite to eat. Nothing fancy, just good comfort food...and lots of it. However, I didn't want Wii to have a Fit, so I was good and had coleslaw, bread and soup. Not exactly lo-cal, but certainly much better than other options on the menu. The result this morning: didn't lose anything, but didn't gain anything either. It was exactly the same as the day before. You can call me steady-Eddie. Kevin called me a brat =)

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