Friday, December 12, 2008


How crazy am I? I’m already starting to think of things I can make for NEXT Christmas! It’s just that, at this time of year, I see so many fun creative things that others do that it makes me want to start now on new projects for next year!

One of the things I have on my mind is vintage Christmas fabric. Anyone know where I might be able to find any? I’ve got a bit in my stash, but I’d love more. If any of you are out and about in your travels happen to find a source, please let me know!

You know what really irritates me? (Well okay…a lot, but that’s another post.) What really irritates me is when I go along minding my own business and, lo and behold!, I find something fun and funky so I buy it. And because it’s a bit … er … obscure, it’s inexpensive (okay, cheap!). Then, all of a sudden I see it in a magazine somewhere and … BAM! … my affordable resources for said fun and funky item have dried up! Now, because it’s hip and trendy, I’m out priced when a year or so ago, no one would have looked twice at said fun and funky item. Hrmph. I hate it went that happens!

Anyway – off to find more fun and funky!

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Jackie said...

I have a feeling you can find fun and funky no matter what Randa.

God bless.